David Weprin for New York City Comptroller

A Champion for All New Yorkers

A lifelong Queens resident, David Weprin has devoted himself to making New York City a better place to live, work and raise a family. Now, David Weprin is running for New York City Comptroller to continue this fight on behalf of all New Yorkers.

A New York City Story

Born and raised in Queens by his Cuban-immigrant mother Sylvia, and his Brooklyn born father, Saul, David was brought up in a household that cherished diversity and marveled at the opportunities afforded to immigrants and hardworking families in New York City.

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David’s mother, Sylvia, was a teacher who taught biology, chemistry and Spanish at public high schools in Queens. His father, Saul, was an attorney and World War II Coast Guard veteran, who after becoming involved in issues affecting their community, was elected to the State Assembly. Saul later became Speaker of the State Assembly, where he was an early opponent of the death penalty, vocal on women’s reproductive rights and pushed the first LGBT rights bill through the State Assembly. 

David’s parents instilled in him the key values which still define his life to this day: hard work, determination to do what is right, and respect for others. Growing up in a household with a teacher and a community leader, David was inspired to lead a life in public service at an early age, and after graduating from Jamaica High School and SUNY Albany, David received his law degree from Hofstra University. 

The Experience We Need in Our Comptroller

After law school, David went into private practice representing victims of medical negligence. David’s knowledge of public finance, and his involvement in the civic life of New York City led him to be appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo as Deputy Superintendent of Banks and Secretary of the Banking Board of New York State during his first term in office. As part of his tenure, David was a watchdog of nearly $2 trillion, regulating more than 3,000 financial institutions and financial service firms in New York State, including international banking institutions, mortgage brokers and bankers.

After David’s tenure as New York State Deputy Superintendent of Banks, David went back into the private sector, working in public finance, helping local governments raise the capital necessary for critical projects such as infrastructure, healthcare and education, and served as Chair of the Securities Industry Association of New York. 

Fighting for the Middle Class

David soon put his financial background back to work for New Yorkers, as he was elected to the New York City Council and served as the Chair of the Council’s Finance Committee for eight years. In this key role, David was responsible for balancing the city’s budget, allocating millions of dollars for non-profit organizations, and ensuring that the City’s legislative priorities were fully funded. 

During the 2008 financial crisis, David was instrumental in locking away $2.5 billion to ensure that future retirees would receive quality health care. And in an effort to help homeowners reduce their tax burden, he worked with Mayor Bloomberg to allocate more than $1 billion back into the pockets of middle-class homeowners. 

With the city battling a pandemic that has dealt a significant blow to the City’s budget and our economy, the next Comptroller needs to have the experience – and the heart – to get the City back on track. David Weprin is the only candidate running for Comptroller with public finance experience, or who has ever balanced a City budget. 

David will ensure that working and middle class families are protected and that the City’s budget is never balanced on the backs of hardworking New Yorkers. That means protecting public pensions, ensuring our first responders and city workers do not face mass layoffs – especially after having served on the front lines during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic – and making New York City affordable once again for everyone, not the privileged few. As the son of an immigrant teacher and public servant, this isn’t just rhetoric for David, it’s a promise.

A Champion for All New Yorkers

After leaving the City Council, David was elected to the State Assembly to continue his work fighting on behalf of New Yorkers. In the Assembly, David has authored and co-sponsored groundbreaking legislation that has helped seniors, children, low-income families, veterans and small businesses. 

In one of his proudest legislative accomplishments, David authored the Adoptee Bill of Rights, which permits an adopted child to access their birth certificate and medical history records upon turning 18 years of age. The legislation also allows birth parents to give a contact preference upon giving up their child for adoption. Since becoming law, David’s bill has reunited thousands of families. Further, after ten years of stalling in the state Legislature, David was able to pass into law the Religious Garb Bill, which protects New Yorkers’ religious liberties, regardless of their creed. 

David currently serves as Chair of the State Assembly’s Committee on Correction, and previously served as Chair of the Assembly’s Task Force on People with Disabilities. David currently is a member of the Puerto Rican-Hispanic Task Force and Asian-Pacific Islander Task Force, and is Co-President of the National Association of Jewish Legislators. The father of five children, and grandfather of six, David and his wife Ronni, live in Holliswood, Queens.

As Comptroller, David Weprin Will Build Back New York City’s Economy

In his career as a public servant, David has been a voice and a champion for the most vulnerable, devoting his life to service and making government more responsive, effective and accountable. COVID-19 has affected New York in unimaginable ways, particularly small businesses, the lifeblood of our City. In an effort to support these small businesses and save them from financial disaster, David successfully pushed for the reopening of partial indoor dining. 

He knows that we need a real fighter who will both stand up to Albany and Washington when New York City doesn’t get its fair share. And to make sure that our City saves safeguards our hard-earned tax dollars during this unprecedented fiscal crisis caused by COVID-19, David will expand the audit function of the Office of the Comptroller to audit all City agencies on a regular basis, saving millions of dollars through efficiencies.

There’s a lot of hard work ahead, and as our next Comptroller, David will get our City back on track.

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